Incident Reports

Date: July 28, 1920
Survivors: none
Fatalities: vltn. Aleksandrs Blaubergs
                  vltn. Zanis Rulle
                  vltn. Rolfs Ziverts
Aircraft Involved: DFW C.V(Av.) #12
Location: Plavinas
  • Flying near Plavinas the pilot experienced some sort of major mechanical problem.
  • The pilot tried to land in a nearby field, but his speed was too great for the small field and he had to lift up and go around again. He cleared the treetops by only 3-5 metres and, turning as he did so, he lost airspeed and the aircraft fell into the woods.
  • Upon crashing the gas tank exploded, incinerating the aircraft and all three occupants.
  • It should be noted that vltn. Drillis believed that the reason for landing was not mechanical at all, but that the occupants simply were interested in stopping at Plavinas for refreshments.
  • Blaubergs was a naval aviator, the others were air force personnel (observers).

DFV C.V(Aviatik) #12 wreckage


- Bruvelis, Edvins Latvijas Aviacijas Vesture

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