Incident Reports

Date: September 14, 1923
Personnel: R.Gulbis (p), J.Bergmanis (o)
Aircraft Involved: Albatros C.III #25
Location: near the Ratozi railway station on the Jelgava-Riga line.
  • Nearing the end of his training at flight school, Gulbis was assigned a cross-country flight from Riga (Spilve) to Sloka, then Jelgava, then Olaine, and then returning to Riga. En route, while travelling along the path of the railway line, he suffered an engine failure.
  • Gulbis landed the airplane without injury to himself or his passenger, but the propeller was broken and the aircraft suffered some other minor damage. (Note - Gulbis flew the same aircraft again less than two weeks later, so the damage could not have been great).


- R.Gulbis' log book.

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