Incident Reports

Date: December 13, 1929
Survivors: none
Fatalities: vltn Pauls Rucelis
                  vltn Egons Juergenssons (Jirgensons)
Aircraft Involved: Letov Smolik S.16 #52
Location: Krustpils
  • At an altitude of 500m, the pilot began a turn which slipped into an unrecoverable spin.
  • An especially tragic crash. After striking the ground the aircraft burst into flames. Rescuers soaked their clothing in water and tried to brave the flames to rescue the fliers. Finally, with the aid of ropes the aviators were pulled from the wreckage but by that time they had both succumbed.

B Rouse photo

B Rouse photo


- Bruvelis, Edvins Latvijas Aviacijas Vesture
- Photos by B Rouse

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