Incident Reports

Date: April 30, 1931
Personnel: Emils Kanna
Aircraft Involved: Bristol Bulldog #80K
Location: Daugavgriva
  • 1st Lt.Emils Kanna was performing a ground attack exercise, which involved flying over a target on the ground, diving down upon it while firing machine guns, then pulling out and allowing observers on the ground to evaluate his marksmanship.
  • Kanna completed the attack and, as he pulled out of the dive, he flew too low and his undercarriage struck the ground. The aircraft, at that time flying parallel to the ground, reportedly flipped twice and came to a halt.
  • Amazingly, Lt.Kanna was essentially unhurt, climbed from the aircraft and then returned to the ground target to examine his results. As a precautionary measure, he was subsequently taken to the hospital for examination.


- Latvijas Kareivis May 1, 1931.

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