Incident Reports

Date: November 16, 1934
Personnel: Toms Gailitis
Aircraft Involved: Margeris Kenins'
Location: Ilguciems
  • The engine stopped while the aircraft was still at a very low altitude.
  • As Gailitis made the forced landing, a wingtip struck a radio antenna, and the aircraft was heavily damaged in the crash which followed.
  • Apparently Gailitis had taken the plane up without the permission of its owner, Kenins.
  • Kenins had to rebuild the aircraft, converting it into a single seater as the available engine had proved underpowered for two seater flight.

  • Gailitis himself described this accident in a 1936 interview:
    "We were using a powered glider, with a two-cylinder motorcycle engine. I took off and, almost immediately, performed a tight loop over the city. Of course, this was an act of overconfidence, and it almost proved fatal. The engine stopped, and I had no hope of gliding back to the aerodrome. I tried to make a forced landing at Balastdambis in a sandy clearing, but as I approached the landing I struck an antenna. What followed was a spectacular crash and a month in the hospital with a broken leg."


- Bruvelis, Edvins Latvijas Aviacijas Vesture

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