Incident Reports

Date: May 13, 1937
Personnel: K.Grube
Aircraft Involved: Martinsyde F.4 Buzzard # 31
Location: unknown, but probably Spilve
  • The Aviation Regiment workshops had just completed a major renovation of the aircraft, upgrading the engine to the 340-hp Serval V (the third engine type to be installed in this particular airframe).
  • K.Grube was flying the aircraft, performing aerobatics, when the engine and airframe simply disintegrated in mid-air. Fortunately, he was high enough from the ground to save himself with his parachute, but the aircraft was totally destroyed.
  • It is quite likely that the aircraft (and almost the pilot) was lost because the workshop had been making engine changes and other modifications with little qualified assessment of stress factors which this would place upon the airframe.

Wreckage of Martinsyde Buzzard # 31


- Bruvelis, Edvins Latvijas Aviacijas Vesture

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