Incident Reports

Date: October 4, 1937
Personnel: Janis Birins
Aircraft Involved: Latvian Aero Club LKOD-1 (#6?)
Location: Daugavpils flight school
  • At the time of the crash, Janis Birins was a 26 year old student pilot.
  • About 10 minutes into a practice flight, observers saw the plane suddenly point nose down and dive into the ground. It struck the sandy soil on the Daugava's riverbank and, when those present reached the crash site, they pulled the pilot from the wreckage. He was unconcious, but had survived the impact and was immediately rushed to the local Red Cross hospital.
  • The KOD-1 was the same aircraft which, a couple of weeks earlier during the "Flight Around Latvia" contest, had struck electric wires while coming in to land at Kuldiga. It is not known if damage not detected from that incident contributed to the Daugavpils crash.


- Jaunais Kurzemnieks October 20, 1937

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