As we've been reviewing the contents of Gunars' site while working on look-and-feel improvements, we found that numerous of the web resources featured have expired and are no longer available or, in one case, now advertise porn. We've provided links to static historical content saved at where possible.

Biography: Karlis Irbitis

Author: Inventors of Latvia Web site Biographical notes about the life of Karlis Irbitis, Latvia's foremost aircraft designer and builder. LZA.LV, the official site of the Latvian Academy of Sciences, is still active, however, the page has either moved or has been deleted. The link points to a copy archived in 2007.

Captured by Luftwaffe: VEF / Irbitis I-16


Author: Peter Evans
A number of photographs of the I-16, captured by the Germans and carrying German markings. The domain and site are no longer active, link below points to 2005 static copy.

Chandelle Journal


The Chandelle Journal is a website primarily devoted to rarely covered topics of aviation history. The profiles are basic, but they illustrate the text well. An item regarding Latvian aircraft appears in the section titled "Selected Back Issues", October 1997, in an article on aviation opposing the Bolsheviks. The journal link featured here prior ( has been compromised as has the content index page at, which contains a Trojan horse attack. We did locate the article in question at and accessed it sucessfully. Just in case, we've created a locally cached copy, below. Following that is a link to a historical copy of the journal home page.

Latvian Aircraft Markings

Author: collaborative effort
Contributions from various sources to describe the Latvian aircraft markings thoughout the years. The colours are not quite right, and the 1941-44 marking is in error, but some of the information is useful.

Latvian Aviation Order of Battle - 1939

Author: Alex Crawford
A description of the aircraft in service with the Latvian Air Force just prior to Soviet occupation, the fate of some of these aircraft, and the Latvian involvement in Luftwaffe units during the German occupation. Links are to archive copies from 2009 and 2006, respectively.

Latvian Gloster Gladiators

Author: Hakan Gustavsson
A review of Latvia's Gloster Gladiators. The article location has moved since first featured, following is a current link (retrieved 6 May, 2013).

Latvijas Gaisa Satiksmes Akciju Sabiedriba


Rob Mulder's excellent article about the history of the Latvijas Gaisa Satiksmes Akciju Sabiedriba. The article location has moved since first featured, following is a current link (retrieved 6 May, 2013).

In following the article we found a Latvian civilian aviation timetable image.

Soviet Air Force Gladiators

Author: Hakan Gustavsson
This page traces the history of the Gloster Gladiators which the Soviets captured when they invaded Latvia and Lithuania. The article location has moved since first featured, following is a current link (retrieved 6 May 2013).

Modern Day Latvian Air National Guard


Author: Aeroflight World Air Forces
This is outside the scope of the web site, but is certainly a related topic. The page was created a few years ago and requires updating, but it provides current insignia and other recent information. The article location has moved since first featured, following is a current link (retrieved 6 May 2013).

VEF/Irbitis I-12 (in Polish)


Author: Leszek A.Wieliczko
Three photos of I-12, performance data and dimensions, text in Polish. The original domain was not reachable when we checked (6 May 2013); however, a check of the main server has a notice in Polish of temporary unavailability owing to reorganization. Following is a link to an archived copy.

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