As I collect photos and information, certain questions keep arising for which I have not yet found an answer. Hoping for input from others, I present them here. If anyone can provide information about any of these - I would be most grateful if you would send me an email at Gunars Thank you!

  • Latvian Green - Some Latvian aircraft were painted green, others had only their upper surfaces painted green. Does any evidence (ie- scrap of material, rare colour photograph or reliable colour drawing) exist which would definitively provide us with the correct shade of green?
  • Daugavpils Nometne - For many summers the Latvian air force would rebase temporarily to an airfield near Daugavpils where they would practice gunnery, bombing, artillery spotting, etc. Referring to the first two photos in the Fiat CR.1 section - are these photos taken at Daugavpils? That distinct background appears occasionally and I would like to identify it for certain.
  • What happened to Irbitis' I-12 'AW+17'? - During the German occupation, one of Irbitis' I-12s was given the German serial number 'AW+17'. Among the handful of photos which exist of this aircraft thus marked, one of them shows a Romanian aircraft in the background. What, ultimately, happened to AW+17? Was it sent to Romania or was the Romanian aircraft unrelated and simply in transit elsewhere?
  • The Jevlampjev court martial - N.Jevlampjevs was a respected veteran of Tsarist Russian and, later, Latvian aviation. He ended his career in command of the Naval Aviation division. Suddenly, in 1925, he was relieved of his post 'at his own request' and in 1926 he faced a court martial. Witnesses were called, a decision was made, and nothing was made public. What is the story behind the resignation and the court martial?
    RESOLVED - for details, see Jevlampjev's biography page.
  • Riga's Temporary Airfields - During the battles for independence, the first few Latvian aircraft operated from temporary airfields near Riga. By now, these locations have been overtaken by the city. Does anyone know today's actual locations (street intersections) of these temporary airfields?
  • The Polish Flotilla - When the Germans invaded Poland a flotilla of about 80 aircraft (mostly private, sport types) fled to Latvia. These were eventually collected at Daugavpils and most ended up in storage in Riga. A number of the RWDs were used by the Latvians as trainers in the final days of independence. Does anyone have a list of these refugee aircraft, or even a partial list of types matched up with serial numbers?

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