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Hawker Hind #178 Hawker Hind #178 Hawker Hind #178 Hawker Hind #178

Source: Hawker, Great Britain

Acquired: 1937

Type: 2-seat military trainer and light bomber

Engine: Bristol Mercury IX (720/820 hp)

Length: 8.57 m
Wing Span: 11.36 m
Height: 3.2 m
Max Speed: 350 km/hr

Range: 692 km

Maximum Ceiling: 8550 m

Known Serial Numbers: 176, 177, 178


  • When these three aircraft were purchased, Latvia specified that they must be equipped with the Mercury IX engine. This is the same engine already in use in Latvia's Gloster Gladiators and they wanted to minimize the parts and maintenance issues.
  • The three aircraft, in 1937, cost a total of 22, 479 British pounds.
  • With international tensions growing, the actual purchase agreement and all other details were kept secret.
  • In 1939 two of these aircraft appeared on the roster of the 3rd Recon Squadron (stationed in Riga) and the other was with the 7th Recon Squadron (Krustpils). On the day of the Soviet ultimatum, one of the Riga aircraft was transferred to the Krustpils location.
  • August, 1940 (Soviet occupation). The Hinds (along with the other more modern Latvian aircraft) were gathered together at Krustpils. Here, the Soviets stripped them all of their armament and broke some of them down and put them in boxes for shipment to Russia. Nothing further is know of what became of these three aircraft.


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Profile courtesy of Arvo Vercamer

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