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Junkers CL1 #10 Junkers CL1 #10 Junkers CL1 #10 Junkers CL1 #10

Source: Abandoned by retreating Germans

Acquired: 1919

Type: 2-seater

Engine: Mercedes 160-hp, serial no.1320

Length: 7.90 m
Wing Span: 12.00 m
Max Speed: 190 km/hr

Range: 525 km

Maximum Ceiling:

Known Serial Numbers: 10


  • (serial no. 12921/18, elsewhere given as 1320 - perhaps engine number)- abandoned by the Germans at Spilve in 1919.
  • evaluated by the Latvians for airworthiness. The report found that it was missing its engine, but otherwise was complete. Fuselage and wings would require some repair.
  • June 17, 1921 - test flown and returned to service after repairs/overhaul.
  • June 17, 1921 - crash landing
  • March 22, 1922 - aircraft damaged when landing on ice. Not repaired.
  • After it was no longer airworthy or repairable, the wings were removed and it was used as an airman's funeral carriage.
  • Another CL-1 (serial number 1803/18) was also abandoned at Vainode by the Geschwader Sachsenberg, but this one fell into the Russian's hands and did not serve with the Latvian military.

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Profile courtesy of Arvo Vercamer.

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