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Miles Magister

Miles Magister #181

Source: Great Britain

Acquired: 1939

Type: 2-seater trainer

Engine: 130hp Gypsy Major Mk.1

Length: 7.51 m
Wing Span: 10.31 m
Height: 2 m
Max Speed: 230 km/hr

Range: 612 km/hr

Maximum Ceiling: 6,100 m

Known Serial Numbers: 181


  • 1939 - VEF requested their British contact, Phillip d.W. Avery to purchase a Miles Magister on their behalf. Surprisingly, he was successful and the aircraft was shipped to Latvia in the summer of 1939. VEF quickly assembled it, flight tested it (Rudzitis & Mikelsons, pilots) and passed it on to the Aviation Regiment where it received the serial number 181.
  • The Magister was acquired only as a temporary measure - the intent was that the new aircraft being designed and built by VEF would fulfill the monoplane trainer function.
  • Nov.11, 1942 - the Magister, captured by the Germans and being used in Estonia, is crashed and destroyed in a forced landing by an Estonian pilot (Aleksander Lepa), who survived.


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Colour Profile courtesy of Arvo Vercamer

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