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Rumpler Rumpler Rumpler (Photo from Paul Branke collection, courtesy of F.Gerdessen)

Source: abandoned by Germans (Sachsenberg's unit)

Acquired: 1919

Type: 2-seater reconaissance

Engine: 160-hp Mercedes D.III

Length: 7.85 m
Wing Span: 12.32 m
Height: 3.07 m
Max Speed: 152 km/hr

Range: 500 km

Maximum Ceiling: 5000 m

Known Serial Numbers: 6


  • When the Germans retreated they left a number of aircraft, and parts of aircraft, behind. Among these were the remains of Rumpler #6839 which was considered beyond repair but could be used for spares.
  • Photos exist of a Rumpler in a gaudy lozenge camoflage pattern, and others of a Rumpler in the usual dark green colours of the Latvian air force. It is possible that the Latvians had as many as four different Rumpler C.1s, but few records remain about this type and its service.
  • #6
    • October 10, 1921 - after major repairs/overhaul this aircraft is test flown and returned to active service.
    • January 29, 1922 - this aircraft is reported to have been crashed and written off by pilot B.Petersons. Noting that it continues to appear on active service for some years to come, either it was repaired or the #6 serial number was applied to a subsequent Rumpler.
    • March 24, 1922 - drops essential provisions to German merchant ships trapped by ice in the Gulf of Riga.
    • June 15, 1924 - took part in the Aviation Festival at Spilve, Riga.
    • #6 continues to appear on the active roster through 1923, and on the reserve roster in 1924 and 1925.


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Profile courtesy of Arvo Vercamer

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