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Source: LKOD (Liepajas Military Manufacturing)

Acquired: Oct. 1937 (one aircraft), Jan. 1938 (1 aircraft), June 1938 (5 aircraft)

Type: 2-3 seat trainer, reconaissance, parachute training aircraft.

Engine: Armstrong Siddley Lynx 215/240 hp

Wing Span:

Max Speed:

Range: 600 km

Maximum Ceiling:

Known Serial Numbers: 14, 15, 24, 25, 34, 35


  • Photos: On photo #4 the LKOD2s appear in the background.
  • Jan.23, 1937 - AA orders 12 KOD-2 aircraft from LKOD.
  • It cost the Aizsargi 30,000 - 50,000 Lati each to purchase the LKOD-2s.
  • Jan.10, 1938 - LKOD delivers the first of the KOD-2s ordered a year earlier.
  • The aircraft acquired on Jan.10, 1938 was a presentation aircraft donated by the Latvian Credit Union. Four of the aircraft acquired on June 2, 1938 were also donated by financial institutions - two by the Bank of Latvija, and one each from the Hipotek and Zemes bank.
  • Summer, 1938 - LKOD aviation branch closes, leaving five of the 12 KOD-2s ordered unbuilt.
  • The pilots, used to the smaller KOD-1, began to refer to the KOD-2 as the "trolley car", because the rear cockpit was roomy enough for two occupants. This extra accommodation was utilized for parachute jumps, accommodating both the jumper and the instructor on these flights. These aircraft frequently took part in air shows sponsored by various Aeroclubs, and after the show they often took a few spectators for flights in these large 3-seaters.
  • October 1-2, 1938 - L.Svalbe (p) and V.Plose (obs) in #25 and R.Gulbis (p) and J.Morziks (obs) in #24 take part in the "Flight Around Latvia" competition.
  • The KOD-2 cost 31,000 Lats for the first aircraft and 53,000 Lats each for the others. They were powered by Armstrong Siddley Lynx 215/240 hp engines, costing 24,000 Lati apiece.
  • The KOD-2 was designed on a similar concept as the Finnish Tuisku which had been unveiled at the Helsinki air show in 1937.
  • Originally, the contract was for 12 aircraft, but this was subsequently reduced to seven.


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Profile of #24 courtesy of Arvo Vercamer

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