Aboltins' Military College
Cadet photo
  • Served in the Ventspils Infantry.
  • 1937 - enrolled in Military College
  • September 1939 - graduated from Military College. Rank: Lieutenant.
  • Transferred to the Aviation Regiment.
  • December 4, 1939 - begins flight school (observer) training.
  • 1940 - 1941 (Soviet Occupation) Serves in the Latvian Squadron of the Soviet 24th Territorial Corps, stationed at Gulbene and flying the captured Latvian SV-5s.
  • 1944 (German occupation) Serves with NSG 12 (Luftwaffe Legion Lettland), a Latvian night bomber unit within the German Luftwaffe. He was trained at Liepaja-Grobini and was intended for the 3rd Squadron, but when it was decided to drop the 3rd Squadron he was assigned to the 1st Squadron as a replacement. On one of the night flights he became lost when returning to base and crash landed in a forest. The plane was destroyed, but he suffered only minor injuries.
  • Emigrated to Canada after the war.


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