• May 22, 1890 - born, in Burtnieku pagasts.
  • 1911 - Abrams, Karlis Vizins and Treibergs built and flew their own hang glider. They were trying to acquire an engine to power their machine when the War made their project impossible.
  • At the start of the First World War, Abrams volunteered for the military. He is assigned to the Imperial Russian Air Service, but serving in the photographic section of the Gatchina aviation school. His interest in aviation is so obvious that the school administration enroll him in the flight school and he graduates successfully.
  • After the Russian Civil War, he continued to serve in the Bolshevik air service, assigned to the 45th Squadron. Rank: Corporal
  • March 22, 1920 - Abrams, with Karlis Vizins and observer Oss on board, defects to the Latvian military. At the end of February an LVG P-1, being flown by German aviator Paul Lange on a secret mission on behalf of German communists (Spartak), crashed near Velikije Luka. He had been tasked with delivering a letter to Lenin in Moscow, and Vizins convinced Lange to continue his journey by land while they would repair his aircraft, which he could collect on his way back. Vizins was responsible for aviation repairs for the Bolshevik 15th Army, and so he was in a position to make such an arrangement. The aircraft was repaired where it had fallen and pilot Abrams, along with Vizins and Ose were told to find a nearby clearing from which the plane could be flown out and brought to their base (Majeva). Instead, they flew the aircraft 380 km (a remarkable distance for that time and circumstances) and landed beside the Kekavas wetlands, at Katlakalns. The landing was rough - it flipped over, damaging the undercarriage, wings and propeller, but it was repairable and provided the Latvian Regiment with many years of service.
  • April 15, 1920 - assigned to the 3rd Squadron.
  • April 25, 1920 - Abrams crashes while flying Sopwith Camel #7 (s/n N8136). The aircraft's engine stopped at an altitude of 100 metres and Abrams was forced to land suddenly, with the wind from behind. The aircraft was damaged, but repairable.
  • July 1920 - Abrams, in LVG #25 and with passenger A.Joniskans, leads the 3-plane flyover of August Sparins' funeral.
  • July 25, 1920 - participates in the (first) Aviation Festival in Riga/Spilve, flying LVG #24.
  • February 1921 - Abrams leaves the military to pursue a career in photography, but soon re-enlists.
  • 1923 - transfers to the naval aviation unit. (Rank: sargeant)
  • May 19, 1923 - makes his first flight in a Savoia flying boat (#4).
  • June 1, 1924 - perishes in the crash of Savoia flying boat #4.

Abrams and Bachmans gravesite



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Recent photos of gravesite courtesy of Max Matthews

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