• September 12, 1907 - born, in Meiranu pag.
  • Joined the Aviation Regiment, graduating from flight school in 1936. (rank: sargeant)
  • December 1936 - graduates from the Riga flight school Sport Aviator program.
  • October, 1938 - member of the 2nd Fighter Squadron
  • As the first Soviet occupation approached he was able to emigrate to Germany.
  • Joins the luftwaffe and is assigned to a recon squadron, serving as observer.
  • March 1944 - Re-assigned to the Luftwaffe Legion Lettland night bomber unit (Nachtschlachtstaffel Nr.1).
  • May 1944 - awarded the Iron Cross, 2nd class after having completed over 50 sorties (rank: Lieutenant) It is reported that, with his early service in the Luftwaffe, he is the most decorated Latvian aviator of the war. At one point he was awarded the Goering Cup, but it physically never arrived and none of the aviators even knew what it would look like.
  • In June 1944, when Capt. Salmins was temporarily absent K.Krastins was made commander, and he selected Abrams as his adjutant.
  • Completed 229 wartime nightflying sorties.
  • Ended the war in Corser, Denmark with rank of 1st Lt.
  • After the war he emigrated to the USA, living in New York state.
  • March 29, 1988 - Died, in the USA.


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