Janis Alksnis
  • 1922 - Graduates from flight school (observer).
  • March 9, 1923 - his documents indicate that, at this time, he was classified as an observer aviator of the Aviation Regiment's Reserve Squadron.
  • 1923 - Participates (with J.Indans in Albatros #3) in the aviation promotional flights around Latgale.
  • Nov.10, 1923 - member of the artillery spotting unit.
  • September 5 and 20, 1924 - flies, as passenger, in SVA 10 #29 with pilot R.Gulbis (Gulbis' log book).
  • April 10, 1925 - makes his first solo flight.
  • January 26, 1926 - transferred to the technical division. Promoted to rank of Captain.
  • 1926 - test flies Hannover #7 after major rebuild and certifies it ready to return to service.
  • December 29, 1939 - a member of the final advanced officer training course graduating class.
  • 1941 (Soviet Occupation) - serves with the 24th Territorial Group, Aviation Squadron at Gulbene.
  • June, 1941 - with Ltn.Rotislavs Irbe as passenger Alksnis is ordered to fly an SV-5 to Russia. Instead, he crosses the lines and deserts to the German side. When Irbe resisted him in this decision, Alksnis shot him dead and completed the flight.


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- R.Gulbis' log book

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