• July 15, 1925 - makes his first solo flight (LVG #27)
  • Graduates from flight school
  • March 1, 1928 - is a member of the first group to complete the pilot skills upgrade program.
  • August 1, 1928 - is checked out on the new Letov S.16
  • May 28, 1933 - participates in the Aviation Festival at Riga/Spilve.
  • September 8, 1935 - participates in the Aviation Festival at Riga/Spilve.
  • 1940-41 (Soviet Occupation) - a member of the Latvian "Gulbene Squadron" in the Soviet 24th Territorial Corps.
  • 1941 (Soviet Occupation) - when the Gulbene Squadron retreats into the Soviet Union, he is withdrawn with them (flying out with M.Jankevics). He had been approached by those officers who were going to desert rather than withdraw out of Latvia, but he could not join them because his wife was in Gulbene and, if he disappeared, they would arrest her instead. He kept what he knew about the other officers' plans to himself.
  • March, 1943 - the Soviets form a squadron of Latvian aviators, pulling ethnic Latvians from all branches of service to form this unit. Batkovskis is among those selected and, after some training on Soviet aircraft types, he was assigned as a flight commander in the 1st Flight He was also second in command to the Squadron Commander, Major Karlis Kirss. Rank: Lieutenant
  • His nickname in the Soviet squadron was "Barda" (Beard). On one occasion, when he and his observer were sent out to drop propaganda leaflets, they were forced by bad weather to land in an unknown spot. They quickly burned their leaflets, in case they had landed behind enemy lines.


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