• 1927 - completes his compulsory military service with the aviation regiment and then remains with the Regiment as an aviation mechanic.
  • Spring, 1928 - selected for flight training.
  • August 21, 1928 - Graduates from flight school
  • Rank: sergeant
  • July 30, 1929 - designated the status of first line military aviator.
  • 1938 - appears on the roster of the 1st Fighter Squadron, flying Gloster Gladiators.
  • December 1940 (Soviet Occupation) - meets with Soviet aviation authorities for an interview.
  • 1941 - Accepted to the civil transport service as a pilot. He is granted a Type-3 license, which permits him to fly in all sorts of weather and with passengers. He is assigned to fly an S-2 flying ambulance, transporting patients, doctors and occasionally mail and passengers.
  • Spring 1941 - sent on a special assignment to spread insecticide from a U-2 aircraft which had been converted for crop dusting. This was carried out over the spruce forests at Incukalns, Vangas and Ropaza.
  • June 27, 1941 - with the German attack on the Soviet Union, Bergins is assigned to fly an S-2 from Riga to Russia with a Soviet comissar as passenger.
  • July 2, 1941 - he is ordered to fly to Rzev. En route, with N.Vulfs in another hospital plane alongside, they come under attack from a Russian fighter. Seeing an airfield below they both quickly land, and the fighter airplane lands behind them. Bergins apparently gave the russian pilot an angry lecture about aircraft type recognition.
  • July 7, 1941 - he is assigned to Kinzala for training as a bomber pilot.
  • August 28, 1941 - he is transferred to the Civil Aviation section at Kazan.
  • September 9, 1941 - assigned as an instructor to a training squadron in the Russian steppes.
  • March 1943 - assigned to the Latvian night bomber unit, being formed in Zolina. Eventually, he becomes a flight commander with their second squadron.
  • October 8, 1943 - Bergins is temporarily seconded to 661 Squadron to add extra aircraft for a particularly large bombing mission. His observer on this mission was Capt.Harcihins, and apparently they had some disagreement about details of the mission.
  • After the war, Bergins was employed as a despatcher at Spilve.


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