Augusts Graudins
  • 1903, October 26 - Born, in Cirgal, Latvia
  • 1924 - Completes Military College, assigned to a cavalry unit.
  • 1927 - Transferred to the Aviation Regiment, enrolled in flight school.
  • 1928, June 9 - Graduated from flight school as a fully qualified pilot.
  • 1930, July 30 - As ordered, all military aviators had to complete new advanced flying courses. Among the first to be certified was Graudins.
  • 1931, September 26 - assigned the status of full active duty military aviator.
  • June 5, 1932 - Participates in the Aviation Festival at Riga/Spilve.
  • May 28, 1933 - Participates in the Aviation Festival at Riga/Spilve.
  • 1934, May 15 - After Ulmanis takes power, the Aviation Regiment is put on high alert, and they remained on a war footing for six months. Afterwards, August Graudins is among those singled out for praise for their performance during that difficult time.
  • 1934, Sept.9 - Participates in the Aviation Festival at Riga/Spilve.
  • 1934, Autumn - Instrumental in the reorganization of the Aviation Regiment, under the direction of General Berkis.
  • 1935, January 25 - The Latvian Aero Club is founded, and Augusts Graudins is named to the initial, transitional, leadership.
  • September 8, 1935 - Participates in the Aviation Festival at Riga/Spilve.
  • 1935, September 14 - At the Daugavpils air show, Graudins test flies one of the two I-9 aircraft which were constructed for the Latvian Aero Club. These aircraft were constructed in a great hurry to meet the deadline, and the aircraft was poorly finished and improperly rigged. The safety belts were too small for Graudins, and the plane flew badly, but he managed to take off and land twice without incident.
  • 1935 - 1937 - Serves as the Secretary of the Civil Aviation administration.
  • August 16, 1936 - Participates in the Aviation Festival at Bauska.
  • June, 1937 - with Capt.N.Balodis he was sent to RAF Kenley in England, where they were attached to No.3 Squadron and received experience flying the Gladiator. Prior to this course, they had also completed a blind-flying course at CFS. By August the Gladiator training was completed and they had returned to Latvia.
  • August 21, 1938 - participates in the Aviation Festival at Riga/Spilve.
  • 1938, October - flying Gloster Gladiators with the 1st Fighter Squadron.
  • 1939 - arrangements had been made for Graudins to visit England to accept delivery of Hawker Hurricanes. However, with the outbreak of war, the delivery was cancelled at the last minute as was his visit.
  • 1940 - along with pilot V.Grants was assigned to test H.Cukur's C-6bis aircraft, being considered for military purchase.
  • 1940, May 20 - Along with V.Grants, P.Griezis and V.Rinkis, Graudins begins training new pilots using the aircraft flown in from Poland.
  • 1944 - During German occupation, joined the Luftwaffe Legion Lettland commanding the 2nd Latvian nightfighter squadron.
  • 1945 - Near the end of the war he was sent to the Latvian sanatorium at Korsar, Denmark to recover his health.
  • After the war, he enlisted in the British occupation army and commanded a unit in the Moenchengladbach region.
  • He settled in Moenchengladbach, and was involved in the local chapter of the Daugavas Vanagi. He recorded many of his memories and experiences, which was a great gift to future historians.
  • 1982, December 28 - Died, in Malente, Holst., Germany. A.Graudins' marker at Tannersville Evergreen Cemetary, Tannersville, New York [B.Rouse photo]


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