• Born: March 29, 1908
  • 1936 - graduates from flight school.
  • March 23, 1937 - transferred to the 8th Reconnaissance (Naval) Squadron.
  • June 1937 - is checked out on the hydroplane variant of the Svenska Pirat.
  • June 18, 1937 - crashed Svenska Pirat #24 due to an engine failure.
  • July 28, 1938 - experiences a mechanical failure while flying a Martinsyde ADC-1 and escapes with his life by taking to his parachute.
  • October 1938 - appears on the roster of the 1st Fighter Squadron, flying Gloster Gladiators (Rank: Sargeant)
  • October 1943 - (German occupation) As a member of the Luftwaffe Legion Lettland he graduates from the flight school in Liepaja-Grobini and is assigned to the 1st Squadron. (Rank: Lieutenant) By the time the Squadron was disbanded in October, 1944 he and 1st Lt. Janis Maisins shared the NSG 12 record for the most combat flights completed (nearly 150).
  • After the war, Gudermanis emigrated to the USA.
  • Died: March 19, 1998 A.Gudermanis' marker at Tannersville Evergreen Cemetary [B.Rouse photo]


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    - Marker photo courtesy of B.Rouse.

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