• 1922, June - graduates from Military College, engineering section. (Rank: Lieutenant)
  • 1922, October 11 - Transfers to the "Aviacijas Divizions".
  • 1925 - after logging 25.75 hours of flight time, Konstants is granted the status of "Combat Pilot".
  • 1926 - is involved in an exchange program with the Estonian Air Force, whereby he flies with the Estonians for awhile and two Estonians (Zeps and Raisevs) practice with a Latvian fighter squadron. While on this exchange, Konstants flew Estonian DH-9s (with the Puma engine), Gourdou Lesseure GL-22s and Avro trainers.
  • 1920 - serves with the long-range reconnaissance squadron, stationed in Krustpils.
  • 1928, with Cukurs and Pulins he founds the Latvian Sport Aviation Society, which continued until 1932.
  • 1929 - purchases Pulins' "Spriditis II from Herberts Runka. Konstants subsequently wrecked this aircraft when he caught a wingtip on a post while landing at Krustpils. The engine was later loaned to Sgt.Aleksanders Stumburs who was attempting to construct a plane of his own.
  • 1930 - purchases a six-cylinder Anzani engine from Pulins.
  • 1931 - K.Irbitis learns to fly, and Konstants was among the handful of pilots who served as his instructors. On one of their flights the engine sputtered and neccessitated a forced landing (with a tail wind) in a field near the aerodrome. Irbitis and Konstants escaped uninjured, but the aircraft propeller was damaged.
  • 1931, November 14 - leaves the Aviation Regiment because of failing eyesight. (Rank: 1st Lieutenant).
  • 1932 - acquires, and begins rebuilding the damaged "Auseklitis", in which J.Feizaks perished on April 15, 1932. He installs the six-cylinder Anzani engine, renames the aircraft "Peka-Peka" and continues flying it until 1937.
  • 1933, February 27 - Janis Butevics earns the first officially registered glider pilot's license, with Konstants and Cukurs as his examiners.
  • 1934, May 10 - participates in the Aviation Festival at Jelgava.
  • During the Soviet Occupation, Konstants (by now retired from the Aviation Regiment) was arrested and deported to Siberia.


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