• October 26, 1913 - Born.
  • Served in the Rezeknes Infantry.
  • Transferred to the Aviation Regiment
  • 1939 - Graduated from flight school (observer).
  • March 1944 (German occupation) - served with the Latvian squadron in the German military (NSG 12, later included under the Luftwaffe Legion Lettland). With the rank of 1st Lieutenant, he was both a flier and also responsible for the technical officer's duties.
  • May 1944 - awarded the Iron Cross, 2nd Class, apparently in recognition of over 50 combat missions flown.
  • June 1944 - selected for fighter pilot training, and sent to Pralow airfield, in northern Germany, for basic training on FW 190s.
  • July 1944 - transferred to Plathe airfield (just north of Stettin) for combat flight training.
  • August 1944 - transferred to an airfield in Silesia for training, now with ME-109 and FW-190 aircraft. During this training he was granted leave to return briefly to Latvia to arrange for his family's escape to Germany, as the Soviets were already at Jelgava.
  • September 1944 - completes the fighter pilot combat training (now at Sagan airfield) and, in early October, is assigned to JG 54, by then based in Ventspils (Riga fell on October 13).
  • October 1944 (late) - he is ordered to report (with all ther other Latvian aviators) to the airfield at Stettin, without his aircraft. He travels by ship and arrives there a few days later.
  • November 1944 - the Latvians who had received fighter pilot training were assigned to Jagdgeschwader I. Initially, he was stationed at an airfield north of Berlin. Later, they transferred to a base near the town of Rhein, not far from the border with Holland. Here, their assignment was not to engage enemy aircraft, but rather to bomb and strafe enemy targets behind the lines.
  • December 27, 1944 - Millers is shot down at an altitude of only about 200 metres. When baling out of his burning aircraft, his parachute snags and, as a result, he strikes the tail of his aircraft with his shoulder. He parachutes safely to the ground, but is hospitalized for three months with a badly damaged shoulder.
  • April, 1944 - somewhat recovered from his injuries, Miller and the remaining Latvian fighter pilots are selected for jet pilot training on the Me-262. However, this training never began as Germany capitulated on May 8, 1945.
  • After the war, emigrated to Venezuela.

Additional Reading

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