Janis Muiznieks
  • 1911 - Born
  • 1928 - graduates from the National technical school in Riga. Continues his studies at the University of Latvia, faculty of Mechanical Studies.
  • 1934 - Member of the first graduating class of Aizsargi aviators, who graduated just before the political events of May 15, 1934. This group was forever known as the "May 15" aviators.
  • 1935 - Interrupts his studies to complete his obligatory military service. He completes flight courses in the Aviation Regiment school and is qualified as a military reserve pilot.
  • 1936 - upon completing his obligatory military service, Muiznieks returns to his studies at the University of Latvia, but remains active in the Aizsargi.
  • August 16, 1936 - Muiznieks has the dubious honor of being the pilot in the first Aizsargi airplane crash. With Reinholds Celmins as passenger, he tore off the undercarriage on an obstacle at the edge of the aerodrome and then, landing without undercarriage, damaged the fuselage, wings and propeller. The aircraft involved was the AA's first KOD-1.
  • 1937 - receives a degree in Mechanical Engineering and is employed at the University as a teaching assistent. As a recipient of the Kr.Morberg scholarship, he attends the University of Rome, in Italy.
  • August 29, 1937 - Participates in the Aviation Festival at Koknese.
  • July 10, 1938 - Participates in the Aviation Festival at Kuldiga.
  • August 7, 1938 - Participates in the Aviation Festival at Ventspils.
  • Receives a doctorate in Aviation Engineering from the University of Rome.
  • 1941 - employed by the Espenlaube aircraft factory in Riga, serving as their technical expert on aerodynamics.
  • October 1, 1943 - a member of Luftwaffe Legion Lettland
  • Flew 163 combat missions (night operations), dropped 403 bombs and logged a total of 163 hours of combat flight time.
  • Awarded the Iron Cross, Second and First Class.
  • 1946 - 1949 - Professor of Technical Mechanics and Aerodynamics at Baltic University in Pineberg.
  • 1949 - emigrates to Australia.
  • 1951 - 1976 - Professor at the New South Wales University, teaching courses on Fluid Mechanics, Aerodynamics and Aircraft Design/Construction.
  • 1969 - 1970 - while on sabbatical from his position at NSW University, he is a visiting professor at Nottingham University in England.
  • Author of the book Putnu Cels, describing his experiences as a combat flyer.
  • July 17, 1990 - dies, in Sydney Australia.


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