• May 17, 1923 - begins flight school (pilot)
  • March 7, 1924 - achieves full pilot status. Rank: Sargeant
  • September 1924 - signed a committment to remain with the Aviation Regiment for at least a further two years.
  • 1928 - when the Latvian administration began to formalize the licensing of pilots, Paulovskis received Private Pilot's license #2.
  • 1928 - employed by Christine Backman Co. as a test pilot.
  • 1928 - Aircraft designer Runka convinces Paulovskis to test fly his new aircraft "Kaija". The poorly constructed aircraft lost a wheel on the takeoff run, but Paulovskis was able to walk away from the crash unhurt. Irbitis said that Paulovskis dusted himself off and them simply walked off without a word.
  • 1932 - K.Irbitis begins to learn to fly, with Paulovskis as one of his instructors.
  • 1932 - using the old "Ikars II", conducts the first Aizsargu Aviacijas pilot training program. His original class of six (Valdmanis, Lesinskis, Sulcs, K.Riehmanis, T.Gailitis and K.Bandinieks) graduated in May, 1933. Later, he also taught the second such class, before turning this function over to the Latvian Aero Club.
  • September 8, 1935 - test flies the KOD-1 at Spilve.
  • 1936 - serves as a flight instructor in the Latvian Aero Club program.
  • June 30, 1938 - Paulovskis graduates a group of seven pilots from the Liepaja LAK course (Baumerts, Bekmanis, Brempelis, Laivins, J.Petersons, A.Vilks and Visvaris.)
  • 1941 (Soviet Occupation) - arrested and deported to Siberia, where he disappeared without a trace.


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