Janis Rieka
  • Born: July 7, 1909, in Riga
  • 1914 - his family moved to the Madona area where his father was employed by Russo-Baltic Wagon factory.
  • 1916 - When the Russo-Baltic Wagon Factory was withdrawn to Russia, his father and the family moved with his employment.
  • 1919 - The Rieka family returned to Latvia.
  • Graduated from the V.Olavs business school in Riga.
  • Worked on the editorial staff of Jaunako Zinu
  • 1930 - Volunteered for the Latvian military, assigned to the Aviation Division.
  • Member of the Latvian Aero Club, Krustpils division.
  • 1937 - Graduated from flight school. (both as a mechanic, then an airman)
  • Completed officer training school.
  • Assigned to the Reconnaissance Squadron based at Krustpils. While there, he is very active in the Krustpils chapter of the Latvian Aero Club, helping arrange Aviation Festivals, performing in the festivals, and helping establish the LAK's aviation school.
  • Upon the Soviet occupation he was released from the military.
  • Initially, during German occupation, he was a traffic inspector.
  • 1944 - with the establishment of the Latvian squadron within the Luftwaffe, he joins this unit as a pilot and is trained at Liepaja-Grobini..
  • 1949 - emigrated to Perth, Australia
  • Found employment in the Australian military machine shop as a mechanic, later a work inspector.
  • 1964 - employed in the Western Austalia national railway workshops.
  • June 14, 1991 - Died, while visiting Riga. Buried in the Second Meza Kapi.

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