N.Salna Military College Cadet photo
  • January 4, 1913 - Born, in Kuldiga
  • 1938 - Graduates from Military College. Assigned to the 2nd Ventspils infantry.
  • 1939 - Transfers to the Aviation Division
  • 1940 - Was a member of the last class of pilots, whose training was interruped by the Soviet invasion.
  • 1940 - (Soviet Occupation) Serves in the 24th Territoral Corps, Aviation Squadron.
  • June 14, 1941 - Arrested and deported to Siberia. An interesting note - prior to being arrested he owned a motorcycle. When he was taken away, a unit collaborator was rewarded with the use of this motorcycle. One cannot help but wonder if he spent most of his life in Siberia because someone coveted his motorcycle. (This would not be the first case we have heard of individuals being deported because someone coveting their possessions denounced them to the occupying Soviet authorities.)
  • August 1, 1941 - After being transported by boxcar from one temporary base to another he and the other arrested officers arrive at Krasnojarsk. After being put to work for a short while, they are transferred further to Dubinka and, finally, to Norilsk.
  • After many years, returns to Riga.
  • December 13, 1987 - Died, in Riga. Buried in Meza Kapi.


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