• March 3, 1892 - Born, in Saukas pag. (Kurzeme) "Pludos"
  • Completed high school in Jekabpils, attended Business college in Byelostok and then enrolled in the Riga Polytechnical school, studying Chemistry.
  • With the outbreak of war, he volunteers for the Czarist russian military and completes aviation officer training in St.Petersburg, from where he is assigned to the naval aviation section.
  • After the Russian Civil War he leaves the military and returns to Latvia.
  • July 1919 - Lt.Sturans joins the Latvian military and is assigned to the Aviation Park. (Rank: Lieutenant)
  • December 13, 1919 - a member of the commission which inspected the aircraft left behind by the Germans, ruling on their airworthiness and suitability for repair.
  • January 11, 1920 - a member of the commission tasked with inspecting and accepting the Sopwith Camels gifted from the British.
  • January 20, 1920 - the Aviation School is established, and Sturans is its first commander. He is also responsible for delivering the course material dealing with aviation history.
  • July 18, 1920 - along with V.Jakubovs, he participates in promoting the first Aviation Festival at Spilve (July 25) by flying Hannover #21 over the city and distributing leaflets.
  • November 23, 1920 - at the founding of the Latvian Aero Club he was selected as a member of the first (transitional) administration. B.Rouse photo
  • March 21, 1921 - The Aviation Park is reorganized into the Aviation Division and 1st Lt. Sturans is confirmed as the continuing commander of the observer section of the aviation school.
  • 1922 - Completes the pilot training program and graduates as a qualified pilot.
  • July 8, 1927 - suffers a massive stroke, with the left side of his body affected. He is hospitalized in the RIga Military hospital in grave condition.
  • July 18, 1927 - Died, in Riga, after complicated brain surgery. Surgery was performed on the afternoon of July 17, and he succumbed at 5 am the following morning. It was revealed that the stroke had been brought on by the presence of a cancerous growth which, ultimately, they could not successfully remove.
  • The funeral service was held at the Mara Church and his coffin was transported on an aircraft fuselage carriage to Meza kapi (Riga), where he was laid to rest. Three Aviation Regiment aircraft flew over the procession.
  • At the time of his death, he was married with a two year old daughter and a six month old son.

    Pavils Sturans

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