Valdemars Svans
  • Jan.7, 1916 - Born, in Russia
  • After completing high school, volunteers for the Latvian Army.
  • Graduates from officer training at military college.
  • 1939 - promoted to the rank of Lieutenant.
  • 1939 - Assigned to the Aviation Regiment. Intended for the second fighter squadron, his flight school was interrupted by the Soviet invasion.
  • 1940 - The Soviets assign him to the 24th Territorial Corps, Aviation Squadron (stationed at Gulbene).
  • 1941 - when the Germans attack the Soviet Union, Svans is ordered to fly one of the SV-5s in retreat to the Soviet Union, but instead flies behind the German lines and lands near Vecpiebalga.
  • Participates in the partizan group near Vecpiebalga.
  • Oct.21, 1941 - volunteers for the first Latvian unit in the German military and goes to the front.
  • 1943 - transferred to the Luftwaffe Legion Lettland and, in that capacity, makes over 100 combat flights.
  • Receives the Iron Cross, 1st and 2nd Class.
  • 1947 - emigrates, with his family, to Brazil.
  • Attends university, receiving a degree in engineering.
  • 1960 - emigrates, with his family, to San Francisco, California, in the United States.
  • April 1, 2004 - dies, in the USA.
    Svans' Military College Cadet photo Svans

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