• September 4, 1915 - Born, near Skrunda (Ranku pag.)
  • Attended Skrunda's 2nd Public School.
  • 1928 - at the very early age of 13 he enrolls in the Riga National Technical school, in mechanical studies.
  • Graduates from the Technical school and is employed as a technician in Jelgava, where he develops a passion for flight, gliders in particular.
  • Shortly after graduating from Technical school, he earns his glider pilots license. Serves as the assistant to the Leader of the 1st Jelgavas Aero Club Glider School.
  • September 8, 1935 - Participates in the Aviation Festival at Riga/Spilve.
  • 1936 - Is appointed the Leader of the 1st Jelgavas Latvian Aero Club Glider School. He not only led the school, but also actively participated in teaching lessons and flying.
  • Held the Latvian record for glider flight duration.
  • Planned to join the Aviation Regiment to continue his flying career.
  • January 17, 1937 - Dies in a glider accident in Jelgava, in the fields outside the Jelgava Manor. He was test flying a glider prior to a day of flights with the glider club when he dipped a wing and slipped into a spin only 20 metres from the ground. He died moments after the impact.
  • The funeral was held in Riga and he was laid to rest in Meza kapi. The costs were covered by the Latvian Aero Club and the mourners made donations to help in the purchase of a suitable headstone.
  • A number of investigations were held regarding the accident - first by the local police, then the leader of the local chapter of the LAK, and finally J.Indans (Civil Aviation Minister) assigned R.Kandis to determine the cause of the crash.


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