• 1930 - graduates from flight school.
  • August 22, 1937 - participates in the Aviation Festival at Valmiera.
  • August 29, 1937 - participates in the Aviation Festival at Koknese.
  • August 27, 1939 - participates in the Aviation Festival at Vecauce.
  • Sept.1939 - designated for assignment to the 4th Fighter Squadron being formed in Riga. However, until that unit is ready for pilots he is seconded to serve with the 2nd or 3rd Squadron. The 4th Squadron did not come into being before the occupation.
  • Active member of the Aizsargu Aviacija administration.
  • Rank: 1st Lieutenant
  • 1940 (Soviet occupation). Zalitis is required to serve in the Gulbene squadron - the Latvian aviation unit, part of the Soviet 24th Territorial Corps. While stationed in Gulbene, he was billeted at the Station hotel, with 1st Lt. Austrums as his roommate.
  • June 14, 1941 (Soviet occupation). Zalitis is arrested and deported to Norilsk, Siberia.
  • 1942 - Zalitis and at least two other Latvian aviation officers are removed from the labour camp and murdered by the Soviets.


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