Zarins' Military College Cadet photo
  • 1933 - enrolls in Military College
  • 1935 - graduates from Military College
  • 1939 - transfers to the Aviation Regiment, but his flight school training is disrupted by the Soviet Occupation.
  • 1941-1941 - serves in the Latvian Squadron of the Soviet 24th Territorial Corps, based at Gulbene and flying SV-5s.
  • June 14, 1941 - arrested and deported to Siberia.
  • Many years later he is released from Siberia and settles in Rauna, Latvija.


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    There is some uncertainty if Janis Zarins might not be aka Aleksandrs Zarins.
    - Krastins says it is Janis (separate)
    - Hazners describes Zarins as dizkareivis - therefore, not the Military college grad
    - Aside from the big list, Bruvelis makes no mention of J.

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