Ziedainis in German Uniform
  • January 15, 1915 - Born, in Novosibirsk, of Latvian parents.
  • 1920 - the Ziedainis family returns to Latvia, settling in Jaunjelgava.
  • Completes basic schooling and business school studies in Jaunjelgava.
  • 1933 - enrolls in the University of Latvia, Faculty of Nature Studies.
  • 1937 - After completing his obligatory military service, he enrolls in Military College (officer training).
  • Sept.1 1939 - Graduates from Military College, and is assigned to the Latgales artillery regiment, based in Krustpils.
  • 1940 - graduates from Riga flight school (observer) and transfers to the Aviation Regiment. Rank: Lieutenant
  • 1941 (German occupation) - volunteers for military duty and serves with the Zemgales 16th Police Battalion.
  • 1943 - serves on the Leningrad front. Later his unit is absorbed into the Latvian Legion.
  • 1945 - promoted to the rank of 1st. Lieutenant, He is the commander of the 42nd Company of the 19th division. His unit is among those encircled in Kurzeme. Ziedainis as a Partizan
  • Wounded on a number of occasions, he earns the Iron Cross (1st Class) and, later, the German Gold Cross.
  • May 1945 - Ziedainis, instead of surrendering to the Soviets, obtains false documents in the name of Mikelis Petersons and sets out to create a new identity under Soviet occupation. He lived near Dundaga and then in Ventspils and was actively involved in partizan activity in Kurzeme. [Note: elsewhere, his alternate identity is given as "Augusts Petersons"]
  • Sept.9, 1945 - the Northern Kurzeme Partizan Group is formed, and Ziedainis is selected as their first leader.
  • October 5, 1945 - he is discovered by the Soviet Secret Police and arrested in Ventspils.
  • July 13, 1946 - Miervaldis Ziedainis is sentenced to death by a Soviet Tribunal and is subsequently shot.
    Military College Cadet photo


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