• As a student, joined the Aizsargu Aviacija. He was also actively involved in the glider section of the Latvian Aero Club.
  • April 24, 1935 - is accepted as a member of the first Latvian Aero Club sport pilot course in Riga. He did not graduate with the class, presumably because of his many other committments at that time.
  • 1935 - While still a University student, Delle redesigned the wing of a Grune Post sailplane for a special building project sponsored by VEF. Later, in this plane (called VEF-1), A.Pantelejevs flew the first aerobatic sailplane loops ever flown in Latvia.
  • Delle, himself, went on to become an accomplished sailplane pilot.
  • 1936 - Delle is hired by VEF, helping Irbitis with some of the workload during that intenvise development period.
  • September 20, 1926 - participates in the Aviation Festival at Madona.
  • May 14-22, 1938 - with Karlis Bandenieks as pilot, he flies to Helsinki in a VEF I-12 to attend the Aviation Festival.
  • 1938, autumn - a member of the six-member VEF delegation visiting the Aero Salon in Paris, France.
  • 1939 - designed a power-driven system for operating the large split flaps on the JDA-10M.
  • June, 1939 - the Germans drive the Soviets from Latvia, who left behind a number of snipers to cover the retreat. Delle, crossing the VEF factory yard, was shot by one of these snipers and died instantly.


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