Margeris Kenins
  • 1901 - born, in present-day Latvia.
  • During WWI his family emigrates to Switzerland and, later, France.
  • 1920 - returns to Latvia and is called to military service, assigned to the aviation section.
  • Sept.10, 1924 - graduates from flight school. Technically, his rank is Private, First Class but this is shortly raised to Sargeant.
  • October 1, 1925 - requests, and is granted, his discharge from military service.
  • 1927 - graduates from the University of Paris with a degree in aviation technology and is hired by Farman.
  • 1930 - Kenins returns to Latvia.
  • 1930 - Christine Backman Company goes into bankruptcy. Kenins and Berzins purchase the two training aircraft designed and built in the Backman workshops. Subsequently, they rented these to the Latvian Aero Club and the Aizsargu Aviacija.
  • 1930 - 1931 - Kenins is a flight theory instructor at the Latvian Republic Aviator's Club school.
  • Secretary of the Latvian Republic Aviator's Club.
  • 1934 - named Director of the 2nd Riga National Trade School, and he develops a section devoted to aircraft construction.
  • Designed a 2-seater powered glider, which was then built by the students at the school. It flew successfully, but was crashed on November 16, 1934. Kenins had to rebuild it himself, this time as a single-seater, and it continued to fly until the Soviet occupation in 1940.
  • 1937 - 1940 - a member of the Latvian Aero Club reserve pilot squadron.
  • Commander of the Aizsargu Aviacijas 1st Squadron.
  • 1944 (Soviet Occupation) - Kenins attempts, unsuccessfully, to escape to Sweden.
  • 1945 (Soviet Occupation) - Kenins dies in a Riga Sanatorium.


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