• Born: March 16, 1908
  • Earned a degree in mechanical engineering from the Latvian University.
  • 1934 - hired by Antonius Raab to create the modifications required to mount a Liberty engine on the R.K. Tiger Schwalbe biplane, with hopes of interesting the Latvian military in ordering the planes. When the Aviation Regiment was indifferent the project was abandoned.
  • Studied aeronautical engineering in Germany, at the Technical University of Berlin.
  • July 1935 - returns to Riga and finds employment with the Latvian University.
  • 1935 - employed by LKOD, supervising the aircraft branch. He was actively involved in the engineering and design of LKOD aircraft being developed and produced at that time. Here he assembled a talented team of eight designers and draughtsmen, and they were the brain trust of LKOD's aircraft division.
  • The LKOD-1 used Hugo Heine propellers, but Novickis also designed a propeller for this aircraft.
  • Novickis designs the LKOD-2 trainer for the Aizsargi in 1936-37.
  • While living in Liepaja, he was a guest lecturer at the Technical Institute of Liepaja, giving lectures on flight theory.
  • While the LKOD-3 and LKOD-4 were essentially others' projects (principally Kruze and Strazdins) Novickis contributed to these projects as well.
  • 1937 - is a member of the delegation sent to Holland to consider purchasing a contract for LKOD to build the Fokker D.21 The plane fell through when the Aviation Regiment opted for building aircraft of domestic design.
  • 1938 - designed the propeller for Sleiters' IS-1.
  • 1938 - moves to Riga to accept a position with the Air Transportation Branch of the Ministry of Communications.
  • Began lecturing at the Riga Technical Institute and also the School of Military Aviation.
  • Was active with the Aizsargi, being responsible for the aircraft and their airworthiness tests. For his efforts on their behalf he was decorated with the Aizsargu Merit Cross.
  • After the war, Novickis emigrated to Brazil.
  • In the early 1950s he emigrated to the USA, working with the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia.
  • June 13, 1985 - died, in Santa Rosa, California, USA.


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