• May 2, 1903 - Born, in Jelgava
  • Attended school in Jelgava, then Rezekne and finally, when his family were refugees, in Tomska, Russia.
  • Upon returning to Latvia, enrolled in the University of Latvia, and graduates from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.
  • Earned a Humbolt scholarship to continue his studies in France.
  • 1927 - 1928 - Studies Aircraft design and construction in Paris (Ecole Superieure d'Aeronautique). He also takes the opportunity to gain some practical experience at Breguet and Farman
  • 1928 - the Latvian Republic Aviators Club is formed, and they establish their own aviation school. Reinhards is the chair of their theoretical studies program.
  • Served as an officer in the Latvian Aviation Regiment (rank of administrative 1st Lt.)
  • Graduated from flight school (pilot)
  • Became the design engineer for the Aviation Division workshops.
  • 1933-1934 - Was the designer and builder of the AVDI, a large aircraft constructed in the Aviation Division's workshops.
  • 1934 - joined the foreign service. Rose to position of consul.
  • Represented Latvia on the international commission formed to restrict foreign involvement in the Spanish Civil War.
  • Up until the Soviet occupation, he was the Foreign Ministry's Press Secretary.
  • 1946 - worked to assist Latvian refugees in Danzig and Libek.
  • Emigrates to England and works as an engineer.
  • 1974 - In recognition of his work promoting Latvian interests in the free world the Daugavas Vanagi award him their Gold medal.


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