January 16 Edvins Bitte joins the Aviation Division.

February 1 P.Zeltins is honorably discharged from the duties of adjutant to the Aviation Division Commander.

March 22 The Latvians launch an air effort to re-supply German ships trapped in the ice in the Gulf of Riga. The first flight, on March 22 with pilot Deprejs and observer Kraulis in Junkers CL-1 #10, makes a forced landing on the ice.
March 24 The Rumpler C.1, being flown by Celms and Inselberg, bring food to one of the stranded ships.
March 27 Jeske and Launics fly in search of the missing Junkers and crew but are, themselves, forced to land on the frozen surface of Lake Engure.

August 22 A.Dzenitis makes his first solo flight.
August 31 Podnieks, Skribo & Deprejs make their first solo flight.

September 1 Arturs Kraulis dies in the crash of Sopwith Strutter #11 at Jelgava. Bramsons and Kalnins survive the crash.
September 16 At his own request, F.Zutte is relieved of commande of the Aviation Division. He remains on duty as an active flier and, later, an administrative officer.
September 26 Lepels and H.Cukurs make their first solo flight.
September 29 B.Petersons makes his first solo flight.

October 1 The Aviation Regiment accepts its only Martinsyde Buzzard, initially powered by a 165/180-hp Hispano-Suiza 8-cylinder engine.
October 10 V.Munters makes his first solo flight.
October 12 Bluks makes his first solo flight.

- Arsenals, the Ministry of Defence repair base, builds a Hannover CL.III using another, captured, CL.III as an example.
- Estonian airline Aeronaut establishes regular air service between Riga and Tallin.

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