February 28 Flying instructor's courses are created at the aviation school, the first class starts on May 17.
February J.Basko becomes commander of the Aviation Division.
March 7 J.Sturans makes his first solo flight.

April 12 Jezups Basko visits the Ansaldo factory in Italy to arrange the purchase of aircraft.
April 16 R.Celms is demobilized from the Aviation Regiment.
April 19 O.Pukse makes his first solo flight.
April 28 Albatros #22 is crashed, pilot unknown.

May 3 K.Blaus & E.Karklins make their first solo flight.
May 9 Dekers makes his first solo flight.

June 7 Italian pilot Lovandino demonstrates the Ansaldo Balilla at the Aviation Festival.

August 6 Latvia receives four Ansaldo Balillas and four Ansaldo SVA-10s.
August 12 Aviation Festival held at Jelgava.

September 4 The first purpose-built glider flight in Latvia.
September 16 An aviation festival had been planned for Daugava on this date, but was cancelled.

October 4 The three original aviation units are reorganized into four squadrons - fighter, recon, artillery targeting, and reserve.
October 15 Born: Indulis Ozols, future aviator, at Valmiera.

November 13 The Aeroclub adopts a plan to prepare a flag/colours for the Aviation Division, to be presented as a gift on the Division's anniversary date - June 7, 1924.

- A Naval Aviation Division is established at Liepaja.
- The "Latvijas Gaisa Satiksmes Akciju Sabiedriba" (Latvian Air Service Company) joins with airlines from Finland, Estonia & Germany and provides service to/from Riga.

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