March 4 N.Jakubovs, E.Strauja, A.Veldrums and Vitolins destroy IVL-A22s #12 and #13 in forced landings in poor visibility.

June 29 Roberts Bemchens suffers a fatal crash at Spilve in Ansaldo Balilla #28.

July A man named Ligers plunges to his death in the Daugava while demonstrating his new design of parachute.
July 14 Jekabs Kaire suffers a fatal crash in a Sopwith Camel at Daugavpils.

August 6 Eduards Lumbergs suffers a fatal crash in Sopwith Camel #9.
August 18 Janis Vistucis suffers a fatal crash in Martinsyde ADC-1 #21.
August 27 British Aviator Bert Hinkler flies the prototype Avro Avian (G-EBOV) (1) (2) non-stop from London to Riga. This was the first time this feat had been accomplished, and it took 10 hrs., 45 minutes.
Summer Zardins' "Vanadzins" is test-flown and found to be underpowered.

Autumn A.S.Christine Backman receives a contract to build two seaplanes, copies of the Finnish IVL-A22, which itself was a copy of the HB W.33

November The strategic reconnaissance squadron is created at Krustpils.

- Latvian Aviation Regiment purchases 18 Smolik S.16L biplanes from Letov (Czechoslovakia)
- Two German pilots from the Bayerische Flugzeugwerke demonstrate the U.12 Flamingo in Latvia, resulting in a contract to build a number of these locally, under license.
- "Deruluft", a German-Russian company, establishes a new route connecting Riga to Moscow, Berlin and elsewhere.
- An old, but quite large, hangar is obtained from the Aviation Regiment and erected near the Latvian Pilots' Society hangar at Spilve.
- Died: Janis Ozols, manager of A.S.Christine Backman.
- Margeris Kenins begins attending the Ecole Superieure D'Aeronautique in Paris, studying aeronautical engineering.

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