February 14 O.Steinbergs earns his wings.
February 25 Arvids Kiberis makes a forced landing near Krustpils in a Letov S.16.

March 29 H.Freimanis and A.Strautnieks earn their wings.

April 28 International Auto Show in Riga, including some aviation displays.
Spring A.B.Christine Backman completes the first of the two IVL A.22 copies. The second was completed shortly afterwards.

June 8 E.Jirgensons earns his wings.
June 9 V.Dimza and A.Graudins earn their wings.
June 18 P.Rucelis earns his wings.
June 20 It is reported that the Latvian government is considering closing the Latvian Aero Club because of their many unpaid debts.
June 24 Pulins flies "Ikars" from Spilve to his family home in Mersrags.

July 9 V.Sterndoks earns his wings.
July 23 N.Reinfelds earns his wings.
July 30 J.Renkulbergs earns his wings.

August 15 N.Vulfs earns his wings.
August 16 A.Skurbe, J.Zeile, K.Karps and I.Iesalnieks earn their wings.
August 21 I.Strikkalejs and J.Bergins earn their wings.
August 24 J.Jurkevics earns his wings.
August 25 E.Nolbergs earns his wings.
August 26 A.Kiberis, S.Bloms and J.Metums die in the crash of Letov S.16 #10 near Cesis.
August 29 V.Ziedainis and E.Rudzitis earn their wings.

September 10 N.Bulmanis and M.Graveris crash DFW C.V #3.

October 1 P.Gutmanis and P.Lodzins earn their wings.
October 2 Karlis Krumins earns his wings.
October 4 B.Mazurs earns his wings.
October 5 A.Jensens, J.Brunenavs and E.Kazeks earn their wings.
October 8 A.Meijerovics earns his wings.
October 12 K.Springis earns his wings.
October 23 A.Taube and A.Ieva earn their wings.
Autumn The two Backman-built IVL A.22s are delivered to the Naval Aviation unit at Liepaja.

November 8 I.Karklins crashes in a Fiat CR.1

- A.Skurbe becomes commander of the Aviation Regiment.
- Herberts Runka brings his "Kaija" to Spilve for test flights but, after the first take-off attempt fails the test pilot (Paulovskis) refuses to participate further.
- Deruluft establishes a route Leningrad-Tallin-Riga.
- The Lidotaju Biedriba (Pilots Society) is formed, with former pilot Voldemars Berzins as president.

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