January 29 J.Putnins and N.Strukovs crash DH9A #4.
winter Runka purchases "Spriditis II" from Pulins, but it unable to fly it successfully from a frozen lake surface. He sells the plane to Lt.Konstants.

February 28 Grasbergs qualifies as a combat pilot on the Letov S.16.

March 29 A.Tomass earns his wings.

May 25 - the intention to terminate the Aeroclub is announced.
June 2 Andrejs Sleiners (also listed as Steinerts) dies in a ground accident.
June 13 J.Rucels earns his wings.
June 17 Alfreds Salmins crashes DH9A #63 at Spilve.
June 28 - Ansis Jenzens dies in a ground accident while spinning the prop to start the engine.
- N.Kaneps earns his wings.

July 2 P.Ustups earns his wings.
July 4 A.Verners earns his wings.
July 30 K.Karps, N.Reinfelds, M.Springis, J.Bergins and E.Nolbergs all qualify as combat pilots on the Letov S.16.

August 6 J.Zeile qualifies as a combat pilot on the Letov S.16.
August 23 A.Rutins earns his wings.
August A.S.Christine Backman completes its replica of the Caudron C.60.

Sept 2 A meeting of all members of the Latvian Aero Club is held to discuss the details of dissolution.
Sept 5 Karlis Skaubitis and his passenger, B.Mazurs, are killed when their experimental, highly-modified Albatros aircraft stalls and crashes.
Sept 21 The Latvian Aero Club announces that their organization is officially dissolved.
Sept 30 E.Veinbergs earns his wings.

October 23 E.Veinbergs qualifies as a combat pilot on the Letov S.16.
Autumn A.S.Christine Backman begins construction of the six U.12 Flamingos at their new facility in Bismuiza, a suburb of Riga.
Autumn Zardins' "Vanadzins", re-designed as a two-seater, is test-flown successfully.

December 13 P.Rucelis and E.Jirgensons die in the crash of Letov S.16 #52 at Krustpils.

- Lt.Karlis Konstants installs a 25-hp Anzani engine into Cukurs' C.1 and it is now known as C.2 "Auseklitis".
- The AVDI is completed. Designed by P.Reinhards and built by the Aviation Regiment, it was crashed after a few weeks and never rebuilt.
- Cukurs and Pulins found the Sporta Lidotaju Biedriba (Society of Sport Pilots).
- The Lidotaju Biedriba erects a small shed/hangar at the edge of Spilve aerodrome.

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