January 3 Runka finally succeeds in short "flights" of the Kaija on I.3 on frozen Lake Lazdone before crashing it into a horse-drawn sleigh.
January 29 D.Gotsalks dies in the crash of Ansaldo Balilla #49 at Spilve.

Spring A.S.Christine Backman goes bankrupt.

August 4 K.Lakstigala crashes Udet Flamingo #76.
August 12 Trejs and Salmins crash in Udet Flamingo #77.
August 22 Adolfs Krastins dies in the crash of Avro 504K #37 at Spilve.
Summer The five Flamingo aircraft are completed and delivered to the Military Aviation School.

September 11 Janis Rucels crashes DH9A #67.
September 15 N.Balodis crashes Udet Flamingo #86.

Autumn After A.S.Christine Backman goes bankrupt, Karlis Irbitis goes to work for VEF.

December 3 Peteris Lodzins suffers a fatal crash at Spilve in Bristol Bulldog #73.

- At the Bachman bankruptcy sale the two Backman-built trainers are sold - one to V.Berzins of the Lidotaju Biedriba and the other to Margeris Kenins (who changed the engine and made it a four-seater.)
- Parachutes are introduced as standard equipment for Latvian fliers.
- H.Cukurs is accused of involvement in an alcohol-smuggling operation and he is discharged from the military.

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