Spring Pulins & Irbitis complete the "Zilais Putns I-7"

May 15 Karlis Ulmanis seizes power in Latvia and dissolves all the various aviation clubs and societies, replacing them with the Latvian Aero Club (LAK)

June 14 Kregeris and Kaneps crash in DH9A #67.
June 16 DH9A #10 is crashed, pilot and location not known.
June 28 A.Liepins and Stekis die in the crash of He-4 floatplane #10. A.Zarins survived by using his parachute - the only time in Latvian Naval Aviation history that a parachute was used to save an aviator's life.

July 8 A.Ieva and A.Tirulis crash near Daugavpils in DH9A #10.
July 20 Teodors Svanbergs dies in the crash of a Martinsyde ADC.1 # 16

August 12 A.Zarins and K.Stekis die in the crash of an He-4 floatplane.
August 9 N. Pulins and K.Irbitis depart to visit aviators in Lithuania, but "Zilais Putns" has engine trouble and the flight is abandoned near Jelgava.

September 2 Aviation Festival at Daugavpils. R.Dzenis performs aerobatics in the "Zilais Putns".
September 15 N.Pulins, in "Zilais Putns", participates in the Aviation Festival at Tallin, Estonia.

October 6, 1934 Jelgava glider school begins operations.

December N.Pulins destroys "Zilais Putns". His engine failed when performing low-level aerobatics and, although the aircraft was reduced to rubble, Pulins emerged unharmed.

- In recognition of his Gambia flight achievement, Herbert Cukurs is re-admitted into the Aviation Regiment.
- Latvian Smolik S.16Ls, led by Col.Indans, perform a 28-day goodwill tour of Lithuania, Germany, Austria, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Poland.
- Runka rebuilds "Kaija", but this time as a totally unsuccessful floatplane.
- Antonius Raab and George Novickis begin to build the R.K.Tiger Schwalbe biplane (Raabs' design). The Aviation Regiment was not interested, and construction was not completed.
- N.Pulins 'retires' from sport flying.
- The Kara Aviacijas Fonds (Military Aviation Foundation) is established to help raise funds for military aviation.

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