March 21 - Rudolfs Jenkevics is named assistant commander of the Aizsargi Aviacija

April 12 Hugo Freimanis piloting an ADC-1, is involved in a ground collision with DH9A #68 at Lake Tukums.
Spring Pulins & Irbitis complete the "Zilais Putns I-8"

May 25 N.Vulfs crashes DH9A #1 at Irlava.

August 30 David Timermanis crashes DH9A #63.

September 11 K.Vejins and F.Kirsteins crash in one of the Aizsargi Avros near Lubana.
September 15 Air Show at Daugavpils

October 15 The venerable Sopwith Strutter #13 crashes for its last time. After a crash by T.Gailits (pilot) and L.Ozolins (observer) it was determined that the aircraft was finally beyond repair and it was struck from service.
October 24 N.Vulfs and D.Timermanis crash DH9A #4 near Vecaki.
October VEF sends Karlis Irbitis on a tour of European aircraft factories, learning about the most modern techniques and advancements.

November 4 A.Hvastkovs, J.Putnins and J.Ravins die in the collision of Bristol Bulldog #81 and Udet Flamingo #95 at Spilve.

- Imants Sleiters becomes supervisor of the gliding section of the LAK.
- John D. Akerman, aircraft designer from Minneapolis but of Latvian birth, visits Latvia. He viewed the KOD-1 construction at LKOD and offered some suggestions.
- An award, shaped like a KOD-1 airplane, is established to be awarded annually to the best AA pilot. The first recipient is Konstantins Reichmanis.

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