January 13 The first two KOD-1 aircraft are flown from Liepaja to Spilve.

February 19 Irbitis' I-9 (YL-AAU) is delivered to the Latvian Aero Club at Riga.
February Irbitis' I-11 undergoes wing structural testing.

March 3 At age 50, F.Zutte retires from the military.
March 15 The first four KOD-1 aircraft are officially presented to the Aizsargi. The Aizsargi also receive their official unit flag and motto.

April 29 The Gourdou Lesseure B3 is written off when it requires yet more expensive repair.
Spring First flights of Cukurs' C.6 "Tris Zvaigznes"

May 19 S.Babichevs and E.Mellups crash DH9A #1.

June 15 H.Freimanis dies in the crash of Bristol Bulldog #74 at Daugavpils.
June 22 K.Iesalnieks dies in the crash of a Bristol Bulldog.
June 23 The new VEF/Irbitis I-11 makes its first appearance at Spilve.
June - July Three Latvian Fairey Seals complete a 6,000-km goodwill tour of Baltic and North Sea port cities.

Summer An inexperienced young AA pilot destroys "Zilais Putns I-8" in a crash.
Summer Cukurs (in C.6) departs for his second long-distance flight, this time to Tokyo, Japan.

September 20 A.Vasiljevs and L.Vaiders crash in DH9A #63.
September 24 J.Renkulbergs and A.Meierovics crash in DH9A #65.

October 17 Work begins on the Aizsargi Headquarters at Spilve.

November Karlis Irbitis begins work on his I-12.

December 3 A.Danders dies in the crash of a Bristol Bulldog.

- J.Indans becomes commander of the Aviation Regiment.
- Deruluft is replaced by Lufthansa. Routes connect to Berlin, Danzig, Konigsberg, Kaunas, Riga/Spilve, Tallin and Helsinki.
- AA inaugurate their new headquarters at Spilve.
- The first of what would be three annual "Flight Around Latvia" contests is held.
- The Naval Aviation Division becomes part of the Aviation Regiment and is renamed Naval Reconnaissance Squadron No.8

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