January 4 Julijs Erglis replaces Janis Lindbergs as commander of the Aizsargu Aviacija.
January 17 Fricis Tramdachs dies in the crash of a glider.
January 23 Aizsargi place an order with LKOD for 12 KOD-2 aircraft.

April 17 Lt.Voldemars Dimza replaces Lt.Jenkevics as aide to the commander of the AA.
April 26 The VEF/Irbitis I-11 completes a 1,000-km flight around Latvia in 5 hrs., 30 minutes.

May 22 the "Zilais Putns", completely rebuilt after a major crash in 1936, is presented to the Latvian Aero Club. It had been re-registered as YL-ABF.

June 15 The "Valsts Gaisa Satiksme", a government-operated airline, is established. Two DH.89 Dragon Rapides provide scheduled service between Riga and Liepaja, but only from April to October.
June 18 A.Gudermanis, K.Mikelsons crash Svenska Pirat #24.
June 26 Irbitis completes the prototype of the I-12, with the first flight taking place at Spilve on June 26.

July 8 - P.Kirpitis and Krumins crash DH9A #4 at Spilve.
- Anna Tillere, a civilian on the ground, dies in the crash of DH9A #67 at Spilve. Aviators E.Kanailis and D.Timermanis survive the crash.
July 12 Roberts Eidemanis is executed by firing squad (Stalin's purges).
July 15 Bandenieks and Berzins take the Irbitis I-12 to Paris for demonstration flights.
July 16 Herberts Cukurs successfully completed the flight to Tokyo and back.
July 30 - Aug.1 Bandenieks enters the I-12 in a "flight around France" contest and wins the 2-seater class.

August 21 Bandenieks enters the I-12 in the Thanet Air Races at Ramsgate, England. He placed 5th.
August 29 Bandenieks enters the I-12 in an International handicap race, the Wakefield Pocal, at Lympne airfield in England. He finished 2nd to a Klemm KL-35 being flown by an experienced race pilot.

October 2 The Aizsargi Headquarters at Spilve is completed, and the building is named "Alkazars".

November 19 First flight of the VEF/Irbitis I-14, a single-seat fighter trainer.

December The third Reconnaissance Squadron is created at the newly completed aerodrome in Gulbene.

- In response to the success of the I-12, VEF officially establishes an aircraft branch in its mechanical section and sets about building a series of ten I-12s.
- Swedish airline A.B.Aerotransport and Soviet Aeroflot being their air service to Riga.

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