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These are images of groups who are associated with Latvian aviation. The object is to identify the individuals and the event and any other facts associated with the group. If someone can help with this, please send me an email at Gunars Thank you!

001 Photo Number G001

On Back: back
Other Information:Clearly a visit to Estonia - but which one? I count five Latvian aviators in the image - perhaps a sixth was taking the photo. The aircraft in the background is a Finnish Blackburn Ripon, and the location is believed to be Lasnamae, Estonia in 1930-1931. The man in the centre, at the top, is not Finnish pilot Urho Heiskala, as had been thought. (Our thanks to his daughter for informing us!) Thank you to A.Vercamer, F.Gerdessen and M.Bukhman for information about this photo.

001 Photo Number G002

On Back:back
Other Information:
The back of the photo indicates that it was taken on Feb.28, 1922 on the occasion of the Aviation Division's 'birthday'. The people pictured are from the third Division.

001 Photo Number G003

On Back:back
Other Information:
Many of the details of this photo are known. Taken on May 4, 1922 the photo features at least 17 students at the aviation division's military school. Names are carefully listed on the back, but only thirteen.

001 Photo Number G004

On Back: blank
Other Information:This may or may not belong here. The coats hide most of the uniforms, but I cannot see any Latvian uniforms present - most hats appear to be Russian. The photo was in a collection with other Latvian subjects, so it is possible that this is the aero repair shop for a Czarist Russian unit stationed in Riga.
[Update: I found this photo of the Omega company in Riga. The locations are not identical, but they are similar enough to suggest the same street or neighborhood.]

001 Photo Number G005

On Back: blank back
Other Information: Wedding of a young Aviation Regiment officer. I believe the Lieutenant on the lower right is Karlis Blaus which, if identified correctly, would place this photo in the early 1920s.
SOLVED! The lucky groom is Olgerts Pukse with his bride Elza. Many thanks to Paul Branke.

001 Photo Number G006

On Back: back
Other Information: On Feb.10, 1937 Rudolfs Kandis became the Commander of the Aviation Regiment. The photo was taken just prior to a parade celebrating this event. The photo lists the names of a few of those closest to the camera. (Janis Rieka appears to be front row, 2nd from the end)

001 Photo Number G007

On Back: blank back
Other Information: Aviation Regiment personnel (with one from the Naval Aviation unit at Liepaja). At least one, standing at the back, is an aviator. The season of the photo (and the keg) leads one to believe this may be the midsummer celebration (Jani), but that is speculative.

001 Photo Number G008

Other Information: Clearly, a graduating class of aviators, but when? The insignia on the shoulders indicate that they are all active pilots.

001 Photo Number G009

Other Information: Aviators in winter.

001 Photo Number G010

Other Information: A group of Aviation National Guard (Aizsargi) posing in front of a LKOD KOD-2.

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