Who Are They?


These are images of groups who are associated with Latvian aviation. The object is to identify the individuals and the event and any other facts associated with the group. If someone can help with this, please send me an email at Gunars Thank you!

G011 Photo Number G011

Other Information: In the summer of 1940, during the first period of Soviet Occupation, Lt.Viktors Krastins leads a delegation of Latvian aviators to Moscow to familiarize themselves with Soviet aviation achievements by viewing the air show there. This photo (and G012) depicts the delegation viewing the air show.

G012 Photo Number G012

Other Information:See description for G011 above.

G013 Photo Number G013

On Back: back
Other Information: Photo was taken on October 10, 1934. The person in the middle is E.Rudzitis, a veteran combat pilot. The others are members of the Aviation School 2nd Section, 2nd Flight, 4th Group on the event of taking their military oath of loyalty. The others present are E.Baumanis, Nedela, Zirnbaums, Malins (Voldemars?) and two unnamed.
[G.D.Zulis Collection]

G014 Photo Number G014

On Back: back
Other Information:The photo was taken in Liepaja on July 21, 1939. The writing on the back states that, to celebrate the anniversary of the Latvian Navy, this group slaughtered a pig for dinner. The hats and uniforms identify these are being Naval Aviation ground personnel.
[G.D.Zulis Collection]

G015 Photo Number G015

On Back: blank
Other Information:A group posing in front of an Aviation Regiment trainer. It appears that the officer seated in the middle is the only one wearing an Aviation Regiment badge, perhaps the others are visitors from another unit.
[G.D.Zulis Collection]

G016 Photo Number G016

On Back: Blank
Other Information: Aviation Regiment officers.
[G.D.Zulis Collection]

G017 Photo Number G017

On Back: blank
Other Information: The officer on the left side of the photo is a Corporal of the Aviation Regiment. It appears that this photo was taken on the event of his child's christening.
[H.Robeznieks Collection]

G018 Photo Number G018

On Back: back
Other Information: The caption indicates that these are the flying personnel of the Fighter Squadron, in parade uniform on a break.
[H.Robeznieks Collection]

G019 Photo Number G019

On Back: blank
Other Information: This appears to be an aviation engine class, or a tour of the teaching facility. Two Aviation Regiment personnel can be seen near the middle of that group.
[V.Skirmants Collection]

G020 Photo Number G020

Other Information: This rather frightened looking member of the Latvian Aero Club is surrounded by five formidable women, one of whom is evidently an accomplished hunter.

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